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oh my God I feel so ghosted!!

Updated: May 9, 2019

As an aspiring want to be stand up comedian I find it every opportunity in life whether it be good bad or cliche is an opportunity for sarcastic self-reflective stand-up comedy . And recently I have stepped outside of my normal keep to myself and don't interact with other people type of lifestyle and tried casual hookups or dating perhaps you could call it . And although it was a pleasant nice experience at times it was also puzzling and perplexing . From the experience I have a whole new comedy set about shy erectile dysfunction disorder and hashtag ghosting and some rather funny satire comedy I've been working on about older women dating much younger man . So what I have learned recently about

#dating in this day and age that i had heard of but never experienced until now , and what I learned is that it's really not that nice or a lot of fun to experience the new trending post date episode sweeping the globe it is called #ghosting ,apparently this happens its a real thing ,a new #trend with casual dating and hookups. I have been chatting with my clients about dating online meeting pooling fishing date app site surfing and just dating in 2019 trends dates these days and its all abou being ghosted. So what is ghosting?, I am not sure but i think I just experienced for myself what it feels like to be #ghosted . This is the latest date related trending phenomenon sweeping the dating scene and that's called #ghosting!! Frownie face!!. Now I realize that this new dating etiquette does not require that you contact the person if you don't want to see them anymore. Apparently 30% of all date dating adventures nowadays end by #ghosting . But What has happened to basic common courtesies politeness and simply saying," I was lovely absolutely lovely , meeting you , I really enjoyed #hanging out with you and the random hookups were nice, however you're just not my cup of tea (your annoying) ,so I'm going to ghost you which means I'm going to ignore you and never text you back ever again or call you!!

Well that's just not fun that's mean, rude and for a person with #OCD just damn #annoying♡

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