The Video chat is now working!

so if your feeling isolated and want to connect i am now online for you

This is Now up and running with my new private one on one (by donation)Paid chat option available for you to discuss any personal fantasies from the comfort of your own room through Virtual connection

Live Video Chat ,

this is live video chat or chat room messaging

where you can connect

and exchange

and share pictures and

one on one private time with me.

I have set this up as a request from clients

who are isolated and unable to visit me in person

but are still looking

to connect with me . 

To arrange an online time

for your own private

one on one personal

Video chat room time  with me 

Check To See If

it says I am Online

if not you can prearrange a time

by clicking  on the link below

please include 

1) your name

2) your preferred time and date(s)  of private chat 

3) your preferred method of confirmation contact by text email ecetera

And  I will get back to you as soon as possible

This is my new video chat it works when I am online all you do is connect thru guest by clicking on "Join the conversation" Or text me # 1778-721-4963 to  arrange a time to connect with me or fill out the form below the chat box 

My Exercise dance Video

after logging in