🌏Due to Current HEALTH RISKS 🌏I AM NOT SICK however to protect my HEALTH and Yours️ I HAVE  changed my RATES/SERVICES and AvailabilityEffective immediately LIMITED SERVICES & physical CONTACT


New Safer Quarantined ways to connect are being set up for my special friends.Visually supportive private Chat Room Time& other Virtual Session Options are by Donation.

As a Mental Health Professional I want to be available for remote supportive,phone calls and Video live connection during this time

 you can find my Video Chat Room button link at the bottom of this page or my Video Chat Page.


If you are lonely & bored and want to connect,with me while in quarantine I am here for you If you want to connect you can call me for private supportive personal phone visits ,private chat with sharing photos or supportive phone calls or via Video Chat on my Video Chat Room Page.


To set up a time that is available for us to connect,text email or call me,

this is available with any donation by pressing the Donate Here Button Below. any donation is fine ;re. Any donation is fine.

I will have a book Virtual time service available at my Book services online page.


During times like this

(isolate time 2020 )I need to find things to do and since I like to help other people and I like to bake,I will be using donations raised here to help feed the homeless,by baking home made cookies and muffins and pay towards the maintenance of my studio by doing something useful.


I want to help the people in my community and keep myself busy doing something productive and with the current health crisis I want to do what I can and hope by making homemade cookies and muffins to cheer up& feed the homeless here in Victoria Bc. thank you and by donating you can help me in my new quest to make healthy cookies to feed and be kind to the homeless A Reality today.





weekends 9am-10pm

my availability is daily with

intermittent availability that changes check my daily availability by texting me at 

text# only 1778 721 4963


In my studio Visits -or Hotel Visits

please note

I maybe working my on-call part time job at any given day or time

which means that Pre-booking by text 1778 721 4963 or email  karmablissmassage@gmail.com

is the best way to guarantee that I am available when you want.

feel free to inquire if these times do not work as I can be flexible with availability




My Special Loving Touch Hug and Cuddle Massage

Is a Healing Touching Hug & Cuddle massage Therapy

 focuses on the important role that my loving touch massage can help provide for an over all positive effect on emotional and physical physical this helps create a more relaxed positive  mind for improved Health and Happiness

sessions start at 135$ for 60 minutes 


About Online Booking

Booking is easy with my Online Booking page

book online and leave your contact info and I will confirm via text or email with my location.

Book Online Sessions Here


My independent private studio is located near  the intersection of Johnson and Cook street a short stroll from downtown Victoria B.c Canada


call 1778 433 7922

text 1778 721 4963


 with your 

"The Loving Touch massage❤  - is a connection of heart, hands and soul with the Source of All Life!"being love. Healing is increased by love, love received and love given, this is the very foundation of my  Loving hands massage.​

Sensual relaxing meditation massage 

more about me and my sensual services

I am a sensual body&mind❤relaxation expert and an accredited mental health and family support worker,with a background in dance and fitness.

I provide and believe in The importance of physical touch loving hands therapy  for a healthy happy relaxed body&mind,

I offer companionship services,Hug therapy and a very relaxing sensual health healing loving tantra energy uplifting happy massage experience,

however I am a sensual health massage therapist,

I prefer to cater to polite respectful men or women,who are looking to lay back and relax as they allow me to guide them into a journey of mind and body bliss relaxation   





































I offer a very loving energy relaxing body&mind massage it is

99$-45-60 min

or 75$ -30 mins of  sensual Health tantra bliss intuitive relaxation massage 

selfies&photo gallery


what is my unique relaxing ❤  Sensual Meditation Massage 

best ways contact me

 I can be reached here through email, text or phone calls, however if calling and texting failed to contact me(as I turn my phone off) when I am with a client or not available) , please feel free to email me here, it is always private contact  and I will do my best to reply to your request for a visit with me, please accept my apology ,if you can not reach me and I am unavailable to see you at the time of your choice for a visit.

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