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        Etiquette Tips & Tricks to connect with me and  book your successful happy massage 


Open Daily & Pre~booking

I am available daily between 10 am to 10 pm, however I only see 2 to 3 people per day, once I see the first 3 people in that time period I am finished for that  day. The best way to  avoid disappointment is to arrange your visit by pre~booking a day in advance. All pre~booked appointments require confirmation by 10 am the day of visit, or will be  cancelled & rescheduled.


Booking by text or email is easy and quick as i often miss phone calls.

If you show up late for your appointment you may have the time deducted from the length of your visit.

About people who book visits and do not show up or contact to cancel.

I save your number and you will be banned from contacting me. problem solved.


texting me about services/rates

I receive many texts about services and rates, I will not always have time to answer your questions ,in regards to rates and services, This is why  I have a services page, please take the time to read it, if you still have questions feel free to contact me, text or email is preferred.


texting is best


I reserve the right to limit services not all services are available to all people

The level of interactive and more intimate services are not available for everybody. I have selective criteria that must be met for the option of more intimate services to be available. Please ask for more information about qualifying factors.


The Ultimate Tantra Massage

relax into sensual  serenity indulge in my bliss massage escape 

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