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My  Loving Bliss massage sessions focus on creating positive energy and total mind and body relaxation ,with my focus being Sensual meditation relaxing touch intuitive  body massage , this creates relaxed unstressed mind and promotes Sensual energy healing stress release , I do this with an intentional loving energy and approach to sensual Health , which emphasizes The importance of physical touch, It is proven scientificaly to be an important part of mental wellness and physical health, historicaly touch has played an important role in health and healing through massage, acupuncture and other remedies that involve touch have been used for centuries.

My massage and Sensual health therapy is designed to be a Nurturing loving healing touch ,as this can relax and soothe our bodies as well as our mind. the use of intentional healing touch can relax both the body and mind and help create and give positive energy.

Positive loving touch ,such as but not limited to,include a hug or a massage this promotes the release of oxytocin, the feel good hormone, so in essence positive touch , whether receiving or giving makes us feel better through the positive energy and healing power of intentional loving  positive energy and relaxation with conscious focused loving hands  and my healing magic touch..

What I have created and offer is my unique very warm ❤  organic🔥 hot oil slow touch exotic sensual massage ,it is a very    complete hand to feet body🌷 mind relaxing                
massage, it can include the g spot massage with          meditative tantra energy Goddess❤  sensuality                
and a very warm Loving touch. I have very strong gentle
smooth soft intuitive healing hands, a beautiful spiritual energy and strong supple fit body with a beautiful face. this is simply sensual energy and ❤ 

a full body relaxation energy massage experience .        
I strive to be Always interesting                                        
​relaxing and fun. And i have a warm kind relaxing             personality.   ❤ 

My head to toe Body rub relaxation massage is intended to be upbeat refreshing energy awakening body n mind relaxing with a loving touch.❤                                         
​for WOMEN,MEN  and COUPLES.    ❤ 

IT IS An  ENERGIZING RELAXING REFRESHING experience  for total BODY & MIND relaxation and sensual touch MASSAGE EXPERIENCE , relax with my  VERY MAGICAL SOFT SOOTHING sensual HAPPY HANDS AND A VERY EXOTIC SENSUAL HEALING ZEN LOVING ❤  TOUCH UNIQUE  experience with  very relaxing AROUSING ENERGY  therapy to rejuvenate your body and mind ❤     

relax into sensual  serenity indulge in my bliss massage escape 

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