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sensual massage Victoria B.c bliss Goddess
bliss goddess massage Victoria bc

Welcome to my website{s}

I have made 3 different websites myself, I am an artist and my website{s} are always under construction,constantly evolving like me and the variety of interesting services that I provide with my focus being the creation of Positive Energy celebrating Sensuality and the importance of  physical and spiritual relaxation for a healthy well balanced state of being.

My university and college education and focus is on Sensual  Health and Wellness while providing a Sensual Serenity inducing  Blissful  body & mind relaxing massage therapy.

I offer a very intuitive relaxing Tantra touch sensual health relaxation Hot organic slippery smooth sensually awakening intuitive   massage experience.

I am also an Artist, dancer and photographer, all photos used on my website are taken by and 100%me. I am located near downtown Victoria B.c in a quiet discrete studio.

 I am an amateur stand-up comedian,an artist,a dancer and a certified mental health support worker and a  country girl.I moved to the big city Victoria B.c Canada, after a quiet life of living in the mountains of the  central  B.c. I grew up making,and creating things with my hands,running through fields,riding horses,chasing cows, fishing and feeding chickens and milking cows every day. It was a very peaceful quiet serene life.

As a result, I enjoy simplicity in my art and my life. I live a very quiet life,I am very relaxing sensual by nature and love helping others to relax and find sensual energy awakening relaxation in their life, even if for only a brief 30 minute escape.

 my intuitive touch is a very Sensual Serenity inducing Healing Energy & relaxing Body Massage Experience < I have truly Sensual Healing Hands Energy awakening deep body relaxing massage Sessions.
I am also an accredited   Mental Health and Family Support Worker. You are always welcome to join me for supportive talk therapy and a loving touch massage. Thanks for visiting and have a great day.
Are you looking for a wonderful way to relax and escape.
​if so then hello, I am a sensual energy healer and relaxation massage Goddess provider and an artist,with an education in Mental health and interest in awareness healing touch.
My massage services focus on the importance of relaxation of body & mind .My passion is a tantra touch centered focus goddess massage, it is a very energy creating ,rejuvenating for both sensual mental health and body massage experience.
I also provide Hug and cuddle companionship therapy as well,
inquire for more details.
call or just text
to indulge in a visit to my magic dissolve into bliss massage escape
and Be Bliss with my exotic Goddess massage ,
    i would love for you to Join me in my sensual zen Serenity retreat as I combine hot natural organic moisturizing oils with the smooth fluid soothing flow of magic energy created by my Loving hands energy with tantra mindful healing touch ,as you relax into bliss with my soothing touch , soft music, sensual energy movement into a magical uplifting energy Healing Body & Mind relaxing rejuvenating very Happy Massage experience !

be bliss with my sensual bliss therapy
I offer a very warm organic🔥 hot oil slow touch
complete hand to feet body🌷 mind relaxing
with a very warm Loving touch
smooth soft intuitive healing hands
a full body relaxation energy massage experience .
I strive to be Always interesting
​relaxing and fun. And i have a warm kind relaxing personality.
My Bodyrub relaxation massage is intended to be upbeat refreshing energy awakening body n mind relaxing with a loving touch.❤

Call 1 778-430-4481
Text 1778 721 4963

Warm quiet private location
Table bed showers hugs

Certification Community
mental health support worker
​sensual intuitive touch Therapy ​

relax into sensual  serenity indulge in my bliss massage escape 

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