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Welcome to my Fun Fund Raising not for personal profit

Paypal trusted Online Adult Sexy Toy Store.

why make my own  Online Adult Sexy Toy Store ? you may be wondering well .

     because I thought to myself WOW it would be amazing and a great addition to my website and a very creative way to find a way to  raise money to help other women by  (distributing/selling sex toys ) so I can fund my passion to help people escape the cycle of addiction and access help to  heal from the sadness that is drug addiction and the Sex trade.

   what a A miracle it would be to find away to help fund my desire to help people find away to getaway from the cycle of sadness to heal that would be nice ..

        I have met many young women who have gotten involved in prostitution and drug addiction and need a friend and a helping hand to relocate and receive the help they need to start life and get a second chance,

I am currently raising money to fund a young woman,s treatment program in a 4 month detox program for Mental Health and addictions. ( i have raised 2000 of a 25,000 )to date through my 50$ 30min massage special and my fetish used panties website.,.


 so I hope you enjoy looking at my new Online Adult Sexy Toy Store.

      as I have put together this interesting addition to my website because I enjoy and am interested in Sexy exotic attire, massage oil and exploring fantasies and also for my own interested in and personal enjoyment such as my love of fishnet bodysuits. I am also fascinated by these life size Barbie Dolls for men,I loved Barbies when I was a kid, now I want my own life size Doll.

              As an artist I have enjoyed my challenge to learn and fuel my creativity with learning how to build my website .and now Through the wonders of e-commerce, Paypal and online store building with secure one button shipping and ordering,

        I just learned that I can set up and find such things as Sex toys and advertise display or sell any top quality Sex doll or product, direct from the manufacturer to my website simply

and its all delivered straight to the customer, its simply amazing and very interesting for me to learn about as I continue to enjoy learning how to build my own website. and now I have a selection  of Sex Dolls and Toys,

    so now that I have gathered together a Fun sexy collection of Sex Dolls and Secret pleasure Toys online and the collection of my favorite exotic sexy fishnet wear and sensual pleasure enhancing toys, sensual slippery smooth organic lubes and sexy erotic adult fantasy fetish wear,

           also seriously ,I highly recommend the very good quality I wear them myself , erotic alluring sexy fishnets for fun stimulating adventurous times. they will look super look super hot on you, your girlfriend, Mistress or even your wife, they are very flattering and sexy for every body type 


relax into sensual  serenity indulge in my bliss massage escape 

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