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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

🌏Due to Current HEALTH RISKS 🌏COVID-19 cases on Vancouver Island rise slightly to 66 as of march26/2020🌏

☀️Therefore I must treat everyone as though they have this virus and this is why I will be wearing a face mask as well as taking all sanitary disinfecting and air purifying precautions. Apparently people who are infected do not have symptoms and may not know they are sick and can spread the virus without knowing.

I AM NOT SICK however to protect my HEALTH and Yours

❤️ I HAVE  changed my RATES/SERVICES and Availability

Effective immediately LIMITED SERVICES & physical CONTACT ( Face MASK WILL BE WORN ).

and I will be booking  one appointment only  PER DAY❤️

(some flexibility on RATEs may be possible just ask)

The first step to booking now is

√You will be required to sanitise and disinfect upon arrival

Screened. √ for current health RISKS /Fever/Travel cold cough or flu Symptoms

and maximum distance between faces will be enforced/ and physical closeness limited

( Face MASK WILL BE WORN ). an AIR   purifier will be running on high at all times.

❤️My Rates Now start at and range from 200$ to 500$❤️

My Regular LOWER Rates and Services

are No Longer Available UNTIL the Health Crisis Risk

is over, at which time my regular rates/services will go back to normal.

❤️I am very sorry

❤️I have taken away my lower rates to help slow and limit the amount of people I interact with, ❤️As I need to limit my contact with people and stay healthy. as we all SHOULD be doing,

I am very sorry, I miss you all and apologise to All my lovely regular friends ❤️

for out pricing my services at this time

however at this time No lower rates are

Available during this time. ❤️ (Some flexibility may be Possible just ask)

By using a FaceMask I Will BE adhering to and have All safety risk prevention Precautions Taken that are available to me used and in place ( Face MASK WILL BE WORN ). as I hope to keep us both SAFE, be responsible and do my part to help

slow the spread of Covid19 in my community

I'm naturally nice I believe in good energy & good karma i have a  toned tanned curvy build very easy going loving warm personality& healing hands. I have an education as a Mental health worker

and former Exotic dancer.

❤️Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time& Stay SAFE🌏I will be available with my facemask on and All other Health safety Precautions taken during my

SAFE Energy Massage loving Sensual Touch therapy , which is still a wonderful Safe way to relax escape & unwind

If you try calling and I don't answer

Try text/email

Call 1778 430 4481

Text 1778 721 4963

Critical information on the possibility of covid19 spread.They Appear to be breathing. So Don't hold your breath. The virus can still get into your respiratory tract even if you hold your breath,” says the WHO “Coronavirus gets into your body via droplets of humid air containing the virus as they exit other people’s lungs. The droplets are suspended in air for some time and can still enter your nose or mouth even if you are holding your breath.” So cover your mouth when you cough, even if you’re outside, he says. 🌏 Which is why I will be wearing a mask 🌏 during all appointments until this health crisis is over.

The keys to halting the spread of coronavirus are good hygiene and preventative habits, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Given what we do (and don’t) know about the infection, its best advice is similar to what it’s recommend during flu season: to wash hands several times daily, avoid touching the mouth and face and limit contact with sick individuals.

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