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Ghost ghost+sting today's way of not having to say,I am just not that into you.👎

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

I've never heard about "ghosting" until recently,its a new thing,🤪💡🤪 when I started talking to people about online dating. With various choices such as Bumble and Plenty of Fish, I was interested so talked to a few single women who had been dating random people they met from the dating apps. 💡👀💡Apparently ghosting is today's way of not answering the phone somebody texts you, you suddenly ignore them that is "ghosting". It sounds kinda rude, what's wrong with being open

honest and saying hey I'm Just Not That Into You! But You a sweetie though,it was nice meeting you and have a great day.! Delete delete!.

😎🌏So many dating apps so many choices kind of like looking at a menu, what are you looking for what size type what in what color are you looking for? And whatcha going do with it if you find it? 💋👍💋

So if dating apps and ghosting isnt your thing and you need a sensual soothing uplifting energy health relaxation massage escape , visit me!! I am the perfect gift for the spirit with a soft soothing sensuality touch and uplifting loving magical beauty and a Blissfully healing intuitive happy massage escape into sensual bliss 🌄🌄I am located in beautiful Victoria bc Canada @victoriasensualmassagebliss Victoria's secret exotic beauty adult massage provider Karma sutra Bliss Goddess

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