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I'm getting excited the weather calls for snow

It's been another very long wet Victoria winter with very little cold weather and lots of rain and sunshine however I am hoping for snow I need to get out there and play like I did when I was a kid and go sliding down a snow-covered slippery Hill and get my joy back time to play playing as good healthy play so apl you rainbirds out there do a little snow dance for me😎 and even if it doesn't snow winters going to be over soon and I will be happy happy happy doing a Sundance all Spring and Summer Long so either way let it snow let it snow so I can get out and play tobogganing sledding it would be fun however the sun is shining today and it's a lovely afternoon and beautiful Victoria BC Canada on Lovely Vancouver Island hope all you lovely people are doing good and feel free to stop by and relax the massage oil is hot and this lovely fit attractive genuinely kind person is waiting to give you a relaxing sensual uplifting sensual health energy massage so from Victoria sensual goddess Bliss Massage have a great day

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