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Just a note about being late for your booked appointment

For those of you who are often late or running a few minutes behind if I don't hear from you within 10 minutes of you being late for your booked appointment I usually have a waitlist and I will text or contact the next person on the waitlist and give them your time spot so if you are going to be late and you still want your appointment time it would be best to pull over and send me a quick text letting me know that you're running behind otherwise I will give your appointment time to the next person on my waitlist within 10 minutes. :-) I will also save your contact information and phone number on to my no book list my no book list. So if there's a reason you were late or you didn't show up you're welcome to let me know otherwise you go on to my list of blocked numbers who do not get to book an appointment again. And don't worry it doesn't bother me at all for those of you who like to book appointments and not show up I really don't care I turn away far more appointments than I booked in the first place because I care more about my time than I do about making money cuz you only live once and money is not what drives me as a person. I am very selective about who I will have over and what services I do provide if I find you to be rude and disrespectful when inquiring about Services I will simply not talk to you anymore or I may respond in a rude fashion such as you already dictated. I have very little tolerance for ignorance and just respect and if I find someone's texts or emails to be disrespectful you will not hear from me which is a good thing because if I responded I would probably be a little bit o what is the word they use salty sin sarcastic. With that being said if you care to book an appointment then you are punctual then everything should go great but if you're going to be late let me know because it is not acceptable to show up late for your appointment nor is it okay to show up early because I may not be available , as being an excellent exotic massage provider is only a very small part of my life and something I do every day because I find it relaxing and enjoyable myself I love to help people relax. However I do not tolerate a lot of nonsense as I find that takes away the enjoyment from what I'm doing so I'm very selective about who I choose to book appointments for and spend my time with. I hope you're all having a lovely late spring or early summer enjoy your day and feel free to stop by for my sensual Bliss relaxation massage therapy located and beautiful Victoria Canada. :-)

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