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Massage the sharing of touch

Loving touch massage is a sharing of touch of hands on body on head ,hands and or feet. And yet massage goes far further than skin deep deep you're even then the muscles and Bones. A good caring massage penetrates the deep depths of your being the kind of massage we are talking about here is often called holistic or intuitive massage, to distinguish it from Swedish massage. Holistic Massage treats the individual as a whole rather than just concentrating on physical conditions and its movements are often gentler slower sensual and more meditative in nature. And with Holistic Massage the attitude of both the giver and receiver and the communication between them are of Paramount importance to the effect of the sensual treatment. The receiver's role is to be relaxed concentrating on the giver's touch while The Giver should try to remain centered and bring an attitude of genuine caring to the sensual massage. These principles and more guide my intuitive healing sensual hands as I help my clients to relax and connect with their sensuality and achieve a state of rejuvenating Blissful energy

Whatever our age or stage in life we all middle need a little of the human touch of tenderness and carrying that show us we are not alone for we are sentient beings without the warmth of

touch we are denied one of the most vital ways of communicating that of giving and receiving touch, some people think of massage is a luxury and turn to it only at times of dire need but given the pressures of modern society and they increase with stress-related illness that touch therapy should become an integral part of everyday life and should be recognized as a valuable ingredient for preventive Health both for the practitioner and the receiver. For there's no doubt that giving any form of massage is almost as therapeutic as receiving one.


My studio is located in beautiful Victoria bc Canada and I have been helping people relax in my discreet location near downtown Victoria bc for over 10yrs. My loving touch therapy is for everyone men and women are both welcome to book a visit.

Have a lovely July day.

Best regards sincerely Karma Bliss loving touch therapy


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