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PhysicalAttraction is interesting and often unexpected

And I myself much to my surprise I'm not totally immune to feelings of unexpected and inappropriate attraction physical attraction. I find myself sitting and enjoying the Sun and musing over the fact that I recently met someone i found physically attractive and interesting and although i do not often indulge in the whims of attraction I did and then had to pause and think do I have time that I want to spend involving myself in a meaningless interpersonal or physical interaction with other people for fun physical pleasure and erotic Sensations. After contemplating it for several days perhaps even indulging in a random experimental get together with the person that I found attractive I had to say iif icanc do that i didn't know but now it's not my thing I no longer allow myself to engage in meaningless encounters i am not looking to spend my time indulging in fleeting intense perhaps even pleasurable encounters with members of the opposite sex just because I'm attracted to them that's for other people that's not for me. I've worked too hard to evolve as solitary person who really doesn't interact with members of the opposite sex especially ones that I'm attracted to very often so I thought about it start about my brief Pleasant nice feeling random encounter with the person and decided no !! No no , I'm done I deleted their number from the contact list off my phone and I deleted any text history and I deleted and deleted, you would never know that they ever called me or text it I have no record of that on my phone I don't have a clue what their number is anymore as I deleted it about 10 minutes ago without looking so I wouldn't know. So now I can put the memory of the brief fleeting pleasurable experience touching somebody else simply for fun and enjoyment out of my mind. Romance passion one night stands brief sexual sensual encounters with people I don't know those are all thing of my past certainly not anything to do with the newly evolved older me the new me well doesn't indulge in those types of encounters. However even though it's not something that I personally choose to or inadvertently allow myself to be involved in I do enjoy helping people relax and provide a very relaxing sensual Health full body massage for other people's enjoyment so feel free to call text or and stop by for you to enjoy a sensual Health massage with me your always relaxed sensual Bliss Massage provider and b

eautiful Victoria BC Canada on Lovely Vancouver Island and what is turning out to be a beautiful warm sunshiny day it feels like spring

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