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Save the Bunnies Sale🐰🌏🐰

Hey there how are you it's almost spring and February is save the bunny sale month it's where 50% of all proceeds for my sale go towards supporting my family bunny farm do to a little family feud .I have become these supporter AKA sugar Mama of 30 bunnies on my family farm so. to support my new 30 bunnies I am having a sale for the month of February all month long it's from 25 to 50% off of all my services and rates.. this is to celebrate that it's almost spring and I need to save the Bunnies. Hope your enjoyed the winter hope to see you at my save the bunny sale in February take care and have a great day happy it's almost spring AKA a great time to book an appointment and donate contribute to February Save The Bunnies Sale 🌏🐰❤️ #SavetheBunnies❤️🐰❤️

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