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Sensual massage websites built by dummie*♡S

But a websites building disaster! After craigslist and backpage shut down I was at a loss as to how to advertise besides *e*o..s*


And decided to try building websites for my business, and not knowing what I was doing I set out and built three websites. I looked up such useful resources such as "SEO FOR DUMMIES" Its a thing. SO being a website building newbie/dummie , after a year of building three websites I figured through trial and many errors if i try 3x times I would eventually get better and learn what i was doing , success through repetition and determination. But then I do google searches and NOTHING! NOT ONE of the three shows up anywhere on my smartphone search results

Hmmmm so i obsess about it why why why does nothing show up under sensual massage Victoria bc Canada search?? So I try a Google search from my laptop and boom !! There's all three of my websites!! Wtf now i am very confused, so i try another seemingly futile Google smartphone search for sensual massage in Victoria bc and still nothing hmmm, so back to the laptop and do a exotic massage Victoria bc search! Boom all three sensual massage websites again.

I desperately type in why to my laptop why

It says turn Off the exclude explicit content on my Smartphones Google chrome more settings button!!

And then like magic Bliss! I run a find sensual massage in Victoria bc and BOOMER I HAVE FOUND ALL THREE OF THE websites yes three !! all encompassing Sensual thing's and exotic experiences massage websites in Victoria BC Canada yes my

happy hands sensual health Bliss Tantra EDging websites that I build with help from and

Thanks to "Website building for complete Dummies" book 2019 edition 🌏🧭🍎

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