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SMOKY SKIES and high tides

I am not loving the Smoky skies on Vancouver island in Victoria British Columbia , as B.c burns, The poor wildlife of B.c, I feel sad for the animals their home the forest is burning, however with that being said us humans wont be happy until the entire remaining forest is clear cut and turned into a never ending cookie cutter subdivision strip mall, anyway!! I still find the water to be an amazing blissful experience ,even with the sun smoked out , it is still hot hot hot. the smoke has made life in Victoria into a sultry smoky closed in kinda feel.However if you go down to the ocean like I did the smoke takes on and makes a lovely backdrop to the oceans blue, it almost looks like ocean refreshing cool light ocean mist ,regretfully it was not, it is smoke. . I enjoyed my smoky skies beautiful ocean beach walk . in the water. the ocean is so calming soothing relaxing and uplifting, I love living surrounded by the ocean ,I have so many oppurtuities throughout the day to slip away from my semsual massage studio and enjoy awalk along Dallas road beach or even better nearby is the beaches over by Mount doug. So much calm uplifting ocean energy,even beautiful with the smoke obscuring the sun and blue skies.

smoky skies and beautiful beaches in Victoria B.c Canada

I am a cool water loving Sensual massage Goddess i

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