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summer sun sensual water fun

the caress of the suns hot silky heat, on our skin,relaxing the body and mkind with its warm sensual heat. What a great way to spend a hot summer day, there is nothing as exsquisite as feeling the suns warmth followed by the refreshing cool clean water of the closest river, in this case I went for a cool refreshing swim on my walk and a cool crisp walk into the shade of the big rain forest trees at

Goldstream River lush green trees on Vancouver island Canada

Goldstream river outside Victoria on Vancouver island B.c Canada. This beautiful little river meanders through some lush green old growth trees and every so often Goldstream river opens up into a nice little swimming pool for those who dare to brave the rivers icy cool clean waters on a hot sensual summer day..

Living loving life in Victoria B.c , keeping one foot in the water!!

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